Close-Up performances for any venue 



Close Up Mix & Mingle Mind Reader

Dan can perform during the drinks reception or at a cocktail drinks event. He mingles with your guests, engaging them in some truly mesmerizing demonstrations of the impossible. With a more paranormal feel to his performances, Dan captivates everyone with a subject that fascinates us all whether we believe it to be real or not.


Close Up Table Mind Reader

Dan can perform around the tables during dinner, think of it as a mini stand up show at each table. He will invite guests to participate in the various demonstrations making them integral to the performance. His act is incredible and often leaves even the most skeptical minds bewildered. Please note he will not perform as people are actually consuming food, but rather wait until they are in between courses or have finished eating.


Table Mind Reader

For certain events it can be beneficial to have Dan at his own table where he performs 15 minute mini shows for up to 10 seated guests at a time. This type of performance has an exclusive feel to it which is more intimate theatre ; as apposed to one or two quick demonstrations as in a mix and mingle performance.


Parlor Stand Up Mind Reader

For events where you’d like more of a show for ALL of your guests at once but space is limited, Dan presents his after dinner parlor act. The performance originates from the days of the Victorians where high society dinners would often have a private show after the meal.




Having Dan Mix & Mingle is the perfect ice breaker, his unique brand of entertainment will help get your event started and bring groups of people together who may not have met before. His incredible skills will astound your guests leaving them baffled and enthralled. Your event will be a guaranteed hit! Book Dan today!