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Mix and Mingle

mystery guest mix & mingle


Dan is great! We used him for a company event and he was a huge hit. Both our clients and employees are still awed by his talents. He was a pleasure to work with and we would recommend using Dan at any event!

Lindsey Jacobs, Radcliffe Jewelers

Everyone I talked to was impressed with your skills. Everyone still talking about you today. I don't know how you do what you do but you are very talented!




Rena Creamer,

S C and H Group 


Dan Schøener will be your ultimate “Mystery Guest” as he casually strolls through the crowd, leaving a trail of smiles


Gliding through the room, remembering almost everyone's name and bringing small groups together like a magnet. He casually introduces people who may not know each other. He is always respectful, professional and unobtrusive. He is never pushy. He is always ENTERTAINING

He knows the name of a guests first pet. He knows where they went to college. He knows their dream vacation destination. He knows how much money is in their wallet. He knows their pin # and unlocks their phone.

You watch their jaws hit the floor. 

Where did you find this guy?




This is interactive entertainment... They don't just watch... they participate in the experience.

As the room begins to warm towards utter amazement, people begin to wonder; What is going on? The clapping, the laughter, the screams of "how did you know?" will make ANY event buzz with excitement. 

Discover why companies like Giant, Coca-Cola, and Harley Davidson have privately engaged Dan for his Mystery Guest Mingling Entertainment 

This option is ideally suited for events with 50 - 300 guests

Private-party-magician _edited.jpg

Thanks again for joining us last night at my husbands birthday party. It was a terrific performance! Rave reviews. Everyone still talking about it all day today.

Gina Hirschorn,


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