Video Testimonials: 

See what people have to say about Dan...

Director of Human Resources at Whiteford, Taylor, Preston says "Dan did a fabulous job.. I would definitely recommend him for your next event." 

Event Coordinator says "Dan is wonderful and we'll definitley have him back" 


Theatre advisor says Dan is 

"a FANTASTIC performer"

"I would ABSOLUTELY, 100%, no doubt hire him to do a show again" 

"He was amazing with the audience and great with hecklers. He definitely knows what he's doing"

"I tried to trick him and he didn't fall for it... He's amazing" 

"Absolutely MARVELOUS... People will love him" 

"He BROKE my brain" 



"I never believe in magic, but I've never seen anything that good. He was AMAZING" 

"His show was astounding"

"Outstanding performance... I highly recommend him" 

"He blew our minds... Highly Recommended"

Owner of Broadband Partners Inc. highly recommends Dan for any company events       

"I'm still trying to figure it out..."