General Questions

What is a Mentalist?

Mentalism is a genre of Magic, but with tricks that are themed around psychology, the mind and other unexplainable phenomena that exist in the world. Dan performs what FEELS like Mind Reading, but he does not claim to have psychic abilities. If he could forsee the future he would have won the lottery years ago and retired in Bora Bora with his cat Ace.

Does Dan perform Magic or stage illusions?

No, he is not a stage magician, nor is Dan an illusionist. The work he does involves the mind, psychology and influence. The Mentalism stage show will be fun, interactive and undoubtedly fascinating for your guests. But it is nothing like a David Copperfield or Criss Angel show. Dan's illusions involve the mind and what it sees (and does not see), and creating a feeling that the mind is being read, while presenting in an entertaining & fun way.

Does Dan have special "powers" or abilities?

Dan is first and foremost an entertainer! You and your guests must decide what is natural ability, what might be mind illusions or trickery, what is psychology, and what may be something more. He will allow impossible and memorable events to occur without the use of secret helpers or stooges.

Does Dan perform his stage show or mingling entertainment during dinner?

No, Dan does not usually perform during dinner or meals for that matter. Typically it is best to never perform while people are eating food. We recommend having Dan perform at cocktails or after dinner, when guests can focus on the entertainment and fun. For a stage show, the mentalist entertainment should be AFTER dinner when plates are cleared.

may i change the type of performance requested on event day?

NO! Last minute (same day) changes cannot be accommodated. If for example you request “Mystery Guest Mix & Mingle” in your proposal, and then on event day you decide to change your mind and ask for a “Parlor Show” understandably it would NOT be possible to make that kind of last minute change. Dan brings specific props and materials for each performance and does not carry props for alternate types of shows. He would be happy to discuss a variety of show options with you by phone prior to your event.

can dan travel?

Yes indeed. Dan performs throughout the country and worldwide. He is on the road often between cruise ships, corporate events and private parties. Please visit Dan's connect page for availability and a custom quote for your needs. If you have an out of town event, Dan can provide an "all inclusive" quote which will have airfare/hotel built into the price. Please ask.

Does Dan perform childrens shows?

Children are not really Dan's typical audience. Dan recommends his shows for ages 13+, as they would most appreciate a show which involves the mind. His material is designed mainly for adults since much involves mind reading (which kids under 13 generally find less fun). His focus is on adult oriented events – age 18 and over. All material will be in very good taste, non-political, and highly entertaining.

How much time should we book you for?

For strolling and mingling shows, you should figure on booking Dan for at least 1 hour per 60-100 guests to make sure everyone gets to experience the entertainment.

Show related questions

Does Dan have special requirements?

For mingling & strolling events (working with guests from table to table or while they are standing at the party) Dan is self contained, and he brings all of his own materials. For stage events Dan will supply a rider for his needed wireless mics, AV & music, tables, and other needs. Out of town quotes can be quoted with inclusive airfare and hotel.

Is there a minimum booking time?

Yes, Dan prefers 2 hours for mingling, but exceptions may be possible. For stage or parlor shows, a minimum 20 minute show is advised. Please inquire.

What am i thinking?

Everyone always asks this popular question! By now you are probably thinking that you should contact Dan Schøener for your next event ;-) Click here for more information and a quote!

Show fee and details

Does Dan require a deposit?

Dan typically requires a non-refundable 50% deposit to hold your date & time firm in his booking calendar. If plans change, Dan will hold your deposit for up to 1 year, to be applied to a future event. All agreements are provided in writing.

Does dan require a contract?

Yes, Dan supplies a written proposal which he will send you immediately reflecting your specific event and pricing. After reviewing this he requests that you remit a 50% deposit to hold the date, payable via check or other online methods. He always sends a copy of his agreement & rider in advance for your review.

What is Dans fee for an event?

There is simply no way to answer that question without knowing more about your specific event. Rates may vary based on a variety of factors including the type of performance (strolling and/or a stage show ), the size of the group, the travel requirements and day of the week. Please visit the connect page for availability and quotes. Mentalism is unique entertainment, and each performance is unique & custom tailored to your needs. Please call or email for more information and Dan would be pleased to discuss your event requirements and budget.

Does dan accept (or expect) tips?

Dan prefers not to encourage gratuities for parties and corporate events from your guests – but this is not written in stone. He will accept gratuities at engagements if people insist, but typically he will not encourage (nor expect) tips from guests at a typical corporate event or private party. An exception at the end of an event he will accept a gratuity from the host of the event or company if they were thrilled with the performances and his work, but this is not expected by any means.